Hi my name is Blair, I'm obsessed with the magcon boys (Including hayes), I do Imagines, Preferences and Ships.
I don't do just the Magcon boys, I also do other celebrity's such as: One direction, Other youtubers, Dylan O'Brien etc.
But only imagines...
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/

Magcon Preference #10 - Sleep…

Taylor: “Então eu fechei os olhos para te trazer pra bem perto de mim. Estava friozinho e dava pra sentir você ali, deitada na minha cama. E você estava linda, linda, mas tão linda que aquela podia ser a última imagem da minha vida.”

Sam: when your boyfriend cuddles you because he can tell your upset about something>>> <3

Nash: Just because the honeymoon is over, doesn't mean you should give up the snuggle!

Cameron: Would love to have a photo like this with my fiance as a newly wed couple for somewhere private in our place. Intimate and beautiful!

Shawn: ... Cont. "So when the physical attraction wore off, nothing hold them back together and the tendency is for them to break up. So just like everyone else is saying, it is better if a couple was not just lovers, but friends as well. " cont...

Aaron: holding hands

Matt: “Sleep with me,” he whispered in my ear.   I jerked away, ready to launch into a tirade for him playing on my emotions to put the moves on me when the agonized expression on his face stopped me cold.   He stared pleadingly into my eyes. “I’m so fucking scared, Angel. I need someone tonight just to hold so I won’t be alone.” Music of the Heart by Katie Ashley

Jack J:

Carter: ♥

Jack G: .

Hayes: Want this with you

Jacob: 😻

Sorry if there’s any grammar mistakes or something Just really tired and stressed and in a hurry - Xoxo Blair…


And I love you… More then Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Mocha and let me tell you, That is some true fucking love right there <3

Magcon Preference #9 - His favorite Hairstyle on you (Requested by anon)

Jack G: Wavy pastel hair 

Sam: Loose curls 

Nash: Braided 

Cameron: Messy bun Hair <3

Hayes: Natural

Jack J: Braided

Matt: Messy curls perfect beach hair

Jacob: Messy ponytail

Carter: Dark red and Loose waves LOVE the color 

Dillon: Curly hair w/ Bow ✿Bow✿

Taylor: Tight curls w/ Highlights ℓσνє тнιѕ♥

Shawn: Curly ♡Woaah,Love♡

Aaron: Straight w/ Flower crown

Why is your name magcon bitch?

Uhmmm…. Maybe because my blog is sort of just about Magcon? and I’m a bitch? just a wild guess lol xxx.

Hey can I have a ship please? I'm 17 years old and I'm 5 feet tall *sigh*. I have light brown hair with pink in it and super dark brown eyes. I sing opera competitively and I also play the tuba! Oh an my name is Emma!

Cameron! xxx.